Monday, December 15, 2014


It flows
over highways
dripping down
through gutters,
storm drains,
narrow lanes,
past dark houses,
past high-tension
wires, driving
constraining fence,
it fills
the green hills
and rolls
through folding slough, past
low bridge and causeway,
ever lower
down to Suisun Bay,
like a swimmer’s blood
pulsing through throbbing vein,
reaching for gate of gold
to break free,
to become
one with

(19 April 2011)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Solstice

Drive the narrow road
past cold
misty vineyards;

peer carefully
through pulsing wipers,
past jeweled beads
smeared to curving trails.

into the glaring eye
of traffic.

Swinging around
tight bends
cars pass you,
of driving

Hold tightly to your wheel!
Keep your lane.
Do not descend
into the flooded gutter;

for on the western edge
in darkly glowing cobalt
the declining sun,
leans towards longer southern days.

has begun,

the longest night
of the year.

(19 December 2010)


We must know the truth, and we must love the truth we know. Thomas Merton

On her way to the big dance
my sister patiently waits
for the camera to click.

Her dress is white,
her slender fingers wrapped in
tight, petite gloves,
while top to bottom,
in her brilliant hat and polished shoes
grasping the patent handbag
she glows, so cool
in the autumn sun.

Carefully posed,
her little brothers cluster.

The oldest, just fooling around,
grins slyly
waves his
Lone Ranger cap gun.

The smart boy,
just down the step,
holds his hands in his jacket pocket,
and confidently smiles
for the camera.

But the little one stands apart
in a forest of shifting knees,
close to the ground
steadied by her strong hand.

Mother's long arm
reaches far down
to his slight shoulder,
and her power
still towers above them all
wrapping them in her
safe embrace.

(22 May 2012)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Poetry Lesson

I’ll turn off the classroom lights
and open the windows wide
so you can see.

Look deeply

as the sun shatters
our rainy world
into rainbows.

Feel how cold wind,
flooding through open doors,
drops to the darkened floor
your poems,

like seeds
piercing fertile soil -

can you hear it?
the steady whisper
of God?

(26 March 2011)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

fog conceals

fog conceals
winter dark streets
but gently reveals
her tears, her
cold, soft hands,
my mother’s hands
rising from
the waters,
from the fog.

(9 December 2014)


Come into my night;
the darkness is so cold
that sparrows flee
my winter trees,

so I have closed
my windows and my doors
to horde my little warmth.

Crickets will not sing delight
and stars no longer glimmer
in winter’s dreary night.

O come,
O come, Emmanuel!

I am captive and dull.
I cannot see the flashing stars
that lurk beyond the cloud.

O come into my small house
my meager fire share.

O come, and bring fierce angels
to cut away death’s empty snare!

(30 Jan 2011)

Monday, December 8, 2014


Hail Mary
full of grace
you are
filled with grace,
with grace
fill me
in streams
of yes
draw me
to where you are
to where He is
among wo-
among men
fruitful, grace-
fully gliding
through the
dark veil
at the hour
of yes
to my

(29 December 2012)